Here are the pictures 1990 through 1999





Mom after a busy day of shopping in Williamsburg VA

Dan makes a pretty good perch for Shelby

Dan giving Shelby a kiss

Dan and his conformation banner

The family gathered for Dan's conformation.

Dan's Conformation dinner at Mom and Dad's

JoAnn is happy to finally be home from England after a
year at the University of Leeds.

JoAnn and Norm, Hey are you sure your bowl is not bigger?

Backyard father's day in Manhattan KS

A visit to the farm George, Dad, Dan, and Irene Gordon

Mom trying to blend in a sunflower field, she is the lighter
yellow one in the middle towards the front.

Dad, Mom, Grandma Schnider, and Walt have a place
staked out for the 4th of July parade in Albert Lea MN

An evening out to dinner with Mom, Jackie, Grandma
Kittleson, Maryls, Dad, and Orin

Glenn says hang on I think I have a fire to cook on

Dad says now this is a cookin fire

Dad fishing Rob Roy WY, with any luck we eat tonight!

Dad, Glenn, and Dan enjoying a rain day in the camper

Dan looking at the lake

Dan making a new friend, don't know if it is Chip or Dale

Dan helping Dad get some water, with a fun pump

Dinner is on its way, Davie says the pot is full let me stay out of it.

A fancy outhouse, Dad was wishing later he used the one up stairs.

Mom and Danette's booth at Buttons and Bows

Tim and Danette portrait

Ok we are ready lets open presents NOW!!

The kids having fun opening Christmas presents


Norm, Dad, Tim and Mike having a geography discussion in
the kitchen Manhattan KS

Dan and Ruth in Manhattan with Shelby the parakeet

JoAnn and Dad doing a little shade tree mechanic work

Tim and Danette arrive in Manhattan with their new boat.

Dan gets a ride from the campground manager Julie Gutz
who was also of the All-American Girl Professional Baseball
League they made a move about them called "A League of
Their Own"

Mike, Joni, and Dad tie down Mike's plane

Mike launching a boat while Dan check out the plane

Dad and Mike Iverson headed to a secret fishing spot.

Dad having great luck with the fish thanks to the fishing
guide Mike Iverson

Dan having a good time and catching fish too

Dan and Davie relaxing from all the fishing

What a pretty camp site best of all Mike says there are no bears here

Oh there seems to be a party here last night but we were all a sleep

Davie is saying he didn't make the mess someone else did it, really

Well there will be no pringles today

Well here is the culprit, turns out there are bears here


Next stop South Carolina, where we had a bitter 43
degrees with "wind chill !?" I have never heard of it
calculated that high but I like that.

Norm says keep your cold we are flying south this 15 degree
weather is for the birds

Norm and JoAnn done loading putting up the ramp and headed South.

Dan's 16th Birthday at Tim and Danette's house in Wichita, KS

Dan's 16th Birthday in Manhattan

Dad supervising some landscaping in the back yard.

Dad and a lovely assistant ready to do some work in the
back yard, this was before you could get mexicans to do it.

Dad taking advantage of his new fishing hole created by the tree removal

Poor Davie got a boo boo

Mom and Dad Coronado Island

Mom and Dad at the monument to Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo

Mom watching some sun bathers on the beach at San Dieo

Mom and Dad on the deck of the USS Kitty Hawk

Dad's 57th Birthday

Danette, Mom, and Joyce at the LWML International Convention

Mom's delegation (2nd Row) to the International LWML Convention.

Dad, Tim, Glenn, Julie, and Dan in Northwood, IA

Grandma Kittleson's funeral at the State Line Cemetery

Dad ready for his last cobra flight

Dad on his last Cobra flight over Marshall Army Air Field, KS

Tim and Danette in their front yard in Wichita KS.

A confused Danette trying to tell Tim it is about time to have this baby.

The NEW Grandma and Grandpa admiring Megan

Megan Burtness the new arrival to the clan

Megan's Baptism with Mom and Dad

Dan Burtness portrait

Megan getting a headache from Grandpa Burtness telling
her how messed up things are on the planet.

Megan telling uncle Dan HEY PAY ATTENTION TO  ME

Megan very happy to talk to dad

Megan on her first road trip with Grandma and Grandpa Burtness

Great Grandma Schnider, Grandma Burtness, and Megan Burtness

Megan and Great Grandma Schnider (Iverson)

Megan has two friends to share her first Christmas in
Megan is the one in the middle

Megan's first Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Burtness'


Great Uncle Glenn and Megan she seems to like it up there
where the air is rare

Burtness Portrait

Dad in Pensacola FL

Megan Playing

Megan is interested in Shelby on Grandpa's shoulder

Meagan is thinking if I can just get my hands on that clown
I'd show him funny

Not too sure what to think about the moustache

Megan has a hold of her Grandpa Burtness

Danette, Jackie, Megan, Marlys, Tim, and Orin in Manhattan KS

Dan and Vanessa ready to go to Jr. Prom

Looks like Dan has been replaced as the baby of the family :-(

The grandkids, spouses and great grandkids of Sophus and Tina Iverson

Megan and Grandpa Burtness

Megan showing off those new teeth

Megan likes her Uncle Dan

JoAnn has Norm up a tree at Silver Lake IA

Megan flying with a little help from her Dad

The Burtness clan and Walt in Albert Lea, MN

The family in Albert Lea MN for Grandma Schnider's funeral

Megan's first birthday

Megan helps with Tim and Danette's birthday cake.

It's been a busy year, and the girls from Grandma Burtness, down to Megan have had enough so they are having a group time out

Danette, Tim and Megan at Grandma and Grandma Burtness'

Dan helping Dad take down the Christmas tree they almost
took down the grandfather clock at the same time DOH!!

Megan the K-State Cheerleader

Megan playing with Great Grandpa Iverson's rocking horse


Megan found a bubble in her bath.

Dad and Mom meet new friends at Crazy Horse Salon in Nashville TN

Dan's winning legs for the sexy legs contest

Norm and Dan are fixin to go golfin

JoAnn and Norm in their back yard in NC

Norm, JoAnn, Mom, and Dan in the back yard NC

Dan's 18th Bday

Megan busy talking to her lamb

The burtness gang in front of Duke Chapel NC

Megan playing in her Easter dress

The girls with flowers for mothers day

Katy and Dan headed out for Senior Prom

The family

Dan the graduate and Mom and Dad

The 'elder' cousins

The Burtness family

The whole gang for Dan's graduation

The boys

Mom hinting it is time for Glenn to go, she even packed for him

Glenn headed out

Dad making sure Glenn gets on the plane

Megan letting us know she is as a "Super Kid"

Megan kissing Grandpa through the screen door on the camper

Megan playing with a squirt gun that may have a leak

Megan showing off some of her powers

Danette and Megan roasting marshmallows

Tim, Megan and Danette in the new boat

Mom and Dad doing some boggy boarding on the north shore

Mom and Dad on top of Diamond Head HI

Mom and Dad boarding the sub in HI

Mom and Dad in Hawaii

Megan playing with the new cradle Grandma painted.

Grandma Burtness, Megan and Davie

Danette, Megan, and Tim for Christmas at grandma and grandpa's house


Dan and Norm in DC for Promise Keepers, Stand In The Gap

Megan thinks grandma & grandpa's boat makes a good pool.

Cleo and Bob with Dad and Mom in British Columbia

Dad enjoying a northwest view

Look grandpa Megan has a ladybug friend

Can you believe it Megan is 3!

Catch me daddy, Megan gets flying lessons in Albert Lea MN

Megan and grandma relax in the hot tub, mommy can't get in or she may cook my little sister.

Dan playing with the geese in Rochester MN

Megan helps Mom and Dad blow out the candles on their birthday cake.

Megan helps grandma with the leafs sort of.

Dad getting ready to start engine for his last flight.

Bye for the final flight.

The retirement cake pretty much sums it up for all the
years of military and federal service.

At the cracker barrel after the retirement festivities, Dad, Dan, Tim, Norm, and Woody

JoAnn, Norm, and Megan play cootie

The whole family in Manhattan KS for Christmas

Megan portrait

Mom and Dad portrait


Mom and Dad snowmobiling in WY

Mom with some of the WY snow

Mom & Dad found an interesting formation on top of
Mountain Montana the title is "Gods Artwork Mother and Child"

Even in the sticks you have to share the road. Who do you think has the right away? (I think he could have taken them and the snowmobile)

Tim, Megan, & Danette on grandma and grandpa's front deck.

Megan meets Ashley her new little sister.

Grandma meets Ashley

Oh grandma my lip hurts, pay attention to me

Megan doing some gymnastics

Dan brings his mommy some roses

Ashley's baptism dress which was worn by grandpa Hamlin Burtness, and by his dad Norman Burtness about 100 years ago.

Ashley's family baptism picture

Ashley's baptism with sponsors dad is standing in for Norm

Dan helps Megan celebrate Ashley's baptism

Mom and Dad are ready to head out to Alaska

Dad and Davie on the Townsend Ferry, looks like they are
pretty interested in the process

They finally made it driving to Alaska from Kansas.

Mom & Dad with their pieces of the Mendenhall Glacier

Dad and the rig below sugar loaf mountain

Dad trying to blend in with the local

Dad and Mom overlooking Dawson City Yukon

Mom and Dad at the arctic circle

Ashley entertains herself

Ashley and Uncle Dan

Megan and a new bike

Ashley and grandpa going for a walk

The are girls ready to open Christmas presents

Danette, Ashley, Megan, and Tim for Christmas at their house