Well here we are 2000 to as recent as we have uploaded.


Dan's last day on the job at Java in Manhattan

Mom in Pensacola FL

Dad and Mom on a boat in the everglades

Mom and Dad at the Dry Tortugas

Mom, Dad and Glenn in Key West

Ashley catches the Easter bunny

Megan explains her masterpiece and how it shows horses are smarter than monkeys, due to the advanced training provided by the Vikings.  With the underlying theme of Viking useful hint #7 "plunder then burn".

Ashley relaxes in the rocking chair

Ashley's first birthday

Ashley's fancy glasses

oops now Megan has the glasses

Grandpa's birthday lots of candles

Ashley's first week of walking

Danette at Tuttle Creek taking pictures of the kids playing in the lake. (I bet the hackers will be in trouble for posting this one)

Grandpa and Ashley play in the water at Tuttle Creek

The girls playing Tetherball at grandma & grandpa's

Megan's 5th birthday

Shared birthday with Norm, Tim, and Danette, Megan and
Ashley helped too.

Dad, Dan, and Norm at Dan's house

Dad and Mom at Niagra Falls

Mom in some Vermont fall colors

Dad and Mom on the Boston Harbor cruse, USS Constitution
Old Ironsides in the background

Mom and the Statue of Liberty

View of the WTC from the ferry.
Let us never forget we are at war! A war of good vs evil

Dad and Mom on top of the World Trade Center

Dad on top of the World Trade Center

The girls reading some books

Mom and Dad working on the Lutheran Hour float for the
Rose Bowl Parade

Danette, Ashley, Megan, and Tim for Christmas






Megan's horse riding lessons

Ashley's riding lessons

The girls and Tucker

Santa's helpers

Megan wearing her Norwegian dress made Aunt JoAnn

Tim and his girls at Grandma and Grandpa's


Ashley's Birthday cake

Mom at part of the Berlin wall left in Berlin GE

Mom and Dad in Austria

Dad in Luther Church Wittenberg, Germany

Mom singing with the group in Luther Square Wittenberg

Ashley and a baby Purple Martin

Ashley and Megan at the Bay Bridge Campground

Megan and Ashley at the Grand Tetons

Grandpa, Grandma, and the girls at the Lower falls at Yellowstone

Tim, Danette and the girls at the Morning Glory Pool

The girls saying by to mom and dad they are headed back
to KS the girls are staying with Grandma and Grandpa

Grandpa, Grandma, and the girls at Mount Rushmore

Megan's 11th Birthday cake

Megan's flute concert for  Grandma & Grandpa

Christmas in Manhattan

Tucker and Dan in Manhattan

Dad and Mom Portrait


Mom and Dad ready to board the ship

Mom and Dad playing in the falls at Dunns Falls

Hey Mon its Dad and Mom at Ocho Rios Jamaica

Dad and Mom Lobster night on the boat

Norm on his 3rd deployment to the other side of the world.

Megan giving Ashley a ride on spring break

Dan, Ashley, and Megan at T-Rex in Kansas City

Ashley's 8th birthday!

Mom and Megan, Mom is quick to point out that Megan is
on skates, but no word on if Mom is or not.

The girls in Silver Dollar City with grandma and grandpa