Here are the pictures 1980 - 1989


Danette makes Tim a "special" birthday cake

Dan flying in Dad's plane over KS

Tim and Dan spending quality time watching educational TV

Norm and little brother Dan

Dan assisting Norm open the cabin door at Table Rock Lake, MO

Tim and Dan riding the tram at pikes peak

Dan getting sympathy from dad after tonsil surgery


Dad and Dan with a U21 at Ft. Riley KS

Dan and Dad repairing a storm window.

Dan supervising Dad' brake job on the mustang.

Family Portrait


Dan playing with baby Buck and another duck with grandma
Iverson in Albert Lee MN

Tim and Danette prom

Buck the Duck relaxing in his private pool in Manhattan KS

Dan engaged in his environmental studied learning about his world

Queen Danette and Dan in the parade

Tim and Norm teach Dan the fine art of Viking sailing on Tuttle Creek Reservoir

A reunion of mom and dad's wedding party for the 25th

The family at the 25th anniversary Norm, Dan, Mom, Dad, Tim

Skiing at Snow Basin in UT Left to right Glenn Kittleson,
Dan, Danette,Tim, Dad, Norm.

Cowboy Dan writes his ransom note.

Norm and a KS State Blankee

Tim and his fancy new glasses

Family Portrait


Mom and Dad in front of the ship

Mom and dad on boarding after a day of playing in the ocean

Mom climbing the runes

Dad descending the runes

Mom at the mayan runes

What was waiting for them when they got home, Dan, Norm, and Grandma Kittleson

Northwood centennial Dan, grandma, mom, Tim, and Danette

Tim and Jessica


Dad and Tim working that good KS clay, good thing they
only did what ya see that was enough farming

Dan and Dad going over the flight plan before take off from 3JC

Dan's school picture

Dad putting the tractor to good use pulling Dan in his wagon

Graduation for Dan from pre-school
Norm from Kansas State University

Tim graduating from Manhattan AVTS

Dan's birthday party.

Norm's Senior picture


Dad, Mom and Dan going for a canoe ride on Tuttle Creek

Dad, Dan, and mom at Goosberry waterfall in MN, I'll get
back to ya on that one.

Grandma Iverson's 75th Birthday an excited Dan helps celebrate

Dan portrait

Dad and Dan at Lake Michigan

Dan and Dad mining amethyst

Glen making some adjustments to dad after a day of fun sailing

Glen and mom on glen's hobie that he brought from UT to
sail in some KS wind

Glen Kittleson takes his big brother for a cat ride.

Dad and Dan watch the concord take off at KOSH

Dad helping Tim work on old yeller

Willie gives Norm a kiss

Tim, Grandma Kittleson, Dan, Willie and Norm Manhattan KS

Norm, dad and Tim work on Norm's Comet


Dan and a Chip or Dale at Disney World FL

Jay Reynard, Mom and Dan at the Naval Aviation Museum in FL

Dan flying a kite while JoAnn and Norm watch.

Dan Riding a horse guided by uncle Loren on his estate

Canoeing on Tuttle Creek Julie Kittleson, Dan, and Dad

Easter in Manhattan Danette, Tim, Dan, Norm, JoAnn

The newest Mr and Mrs Burtness

The wedding party


Dan and the pinewood derby

Danette's graduation from Wichita State University

The newest Mr & Mrs Burtness

The wedding party

Tim and Danette at the reception  you can only keep
Timmy  dressed up so long.

Dad and Doby in CO

Dad, Dan and mom at the top of Pikes Peak CO


Dad talking to Dan's Boy Scout group

Dan and Steve Schneider with Dan in CA

Two moms for mothers day

Dad playing in his jeep

Mom helping grandma get in the jeep.  No hiding the
Norwegian roots, note the use of the step placed there to help

Dads 50th birthday Dan seems to be trying to get his
head around that big number

Doby all dressed up

Dan, Norm, and JoAnn watch dad carve the Thanksgiving turkey

Doby gets a new afghan knitted by grandma Kittleson

Dan gets his first Lamborghini

Family Portrait


Dad and his very good friend Woody with a cobra at Ft Riley KS

Dad mounting up in a AH-1 Cobra at Ft Riley KS

Hey it runs! Dad Doing his test pilot stuff Ft Riley KS

A boy and his dog fishing, Oh that Dan loves to fish!

Dad, Dan and Davie on Wolf Lake MN

Carnies on strike at the fair, oh wait my bad its the
Prestegaard clan

Enjoying the warm weather for a picnic Glen and Julie
Kittleson, Dan and Grandma Kittleson in Decorah IA

Dan ready for a start at the Little Apple Invitational
Manhattan KS

Mike and Joni's Wedding. Jeff, Ginny, Mike, Joni, Grant,
Grandma Schnider, Steve, Gina, Danette, and Tim

Danette and Tim at Mike and Joni's Wedding in MN

Mom and Dad Portrait

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