Yes we know there were color pictures back then! This is the start 1957 - 1969


A young Airman 3rd class Burtness in OR

Mom with the 55 Chevy in Utah

Weber Canyon


Mom and Dad in the snow, Farmington Canyon UT

Mom dressed for Easter in UT

Mom and Dad's first camping trip

Fish for breakfast as soon as dad gets them cleaned.

Dad at Bighorn National Forest in WY

Dad at a waterfall in Yellowstone

Mom and Dad's campsite in Yellowstone

Mom Feeding the bear in Yellowstone.  They frown on
that at the park now.

Dad Leaving Yellowstone

Dad's home for a year in the Pacific a little place called Kwajalein

Dad and his pet shark, turns out it
didn't last long on the island, I guess
they prefer the water.

Dad turning the wrench on a C-97

Dad hooking external power to a C-124


Finally there the OR line.

Dad and Mom in front of the home in Klamath Falls


Dad and Mom at the Golden Gate Bridge CA

Mom and Dad expecting their first show off their home
livingroom / Diningroom / Kitchen

Mom's first mothers day (almost)

A happy new dad and Norm

Grandma and Grandpa Iverson meet Norm


Norm dressed up for Easter in UT

Norm and Dad hanging out in the front yard

Wow that water is cold, Norm retreats to mom and dad

Norm and Mom playing with the hose in Ogden UT

Norm taking a bite out of his first birthday cake

Norm waiting for that sugar buzz to kick in

Norm just hanging out in the yard

Georgia, Norm and Mom at Farmington Canyon UT

Mom and Norm at the Grand Canyon

Norm eating some of that Utah snow.


Dad and Mom with their VW in Ogden UT

Norm and the roses in Ogden UT.

Stuck in Farmington Canyon UT, Georgia Grandpa & Grandma Iverson and Mom

Norm and Grandma Kittleson in Ogden UT for Christmas


Norm gives a lamb a hug on grandpa Iverson's farm in IA

Norm getting a little more serious about that hug, lambs
are just so damn cute

Four generations with Grandma Kittleson,
reat Grand
ma Gordon, Norm and Dad

Norms Birthday in Austin MN

Norm and Great Grandma Gordon in Ogden UT

Mom and Norm at the top of Pikes Peak

Cowboy Norm in Utah

Norm in Denver Park

Norm and Dad over looking Royal Gorge

ALL ABOARD!! Norm ready to go on the train at Royal Gorge

Grandpa and Grandma Iverson with Norm

Four generations Grandma Kittleson, Dad, and Norm,
and Great Grandma Burtness

Steve, Norm, Ginny, Margaret, Mike, and Paul

Norm admires a big Christmas tree at home in UT


Norm and his fancy birthday cake

Cowboy Norm and his big birthday present

Norm and his birthday haul, and no I did not lick the tractor

Grandma Kittleson, Carl, Glenn, Norm, and Mom at the lower falls of yellowstone.

Mom, Carl, Grandma Kittleson, Norm, and Glenn

Mom and Norm exploring a National Park

Norm and Mom eating pineapple that Dad brought back from Hawaii on a KC-97

Norm at Red Canyon

Norm and his toys, I bet they were all painted in lead based paint and I turned out fine.  Of course I didn't lick them much.

Mom introduces Tim to Norm

Dad and his boys Tim on the left and Norm the good looking one on the right.

Tim posing for a picture


Norm helps Tim with his first swing ride.

Tim and Norm posing for a picture

Four Generations, Great Grandma Gordon,
Grandma Kittleson, Dad, Norm, and Tim

Norm heading out for the first day of school

Kim Hancock and Tim for their first birthdays.

Dad and his big instructor at instructor school

Our Charlie Brown Christmas tree

Merry Christmas Tim is impeding Norm's process in opening presents.


Norm and Tim at grandma Iverson's for Easter

Tim, Dad, Norm leaving New Mexico on the way east.

Norm, Tim, and Mom arriving at NC. Looks like Norm is
pointing at his future home site.

Mom, Tim, and Norm at Looking Glass Falls NC

Dad, Tim, Norm, and the Chevy

Norm, Tim and Dad on fossil mountain WY

Tim and Norm playing in the back of Red

Tim riding horse in the front yard in TX

Tim and one of our favorite things to catch in Texas, Horny Toads!

Tim's 2nd birthday

Norm and Tim ready to go Trick-r-Treating

Dad's Graduation from the Army Aviation School


From the rear of the canoe Dad, Norm, Mike, Ginny, and
Tim on the Brazos river

Tim at the wheel of big red in his fancy hat aunt Margret made him

Norm's 7th Birthday Party

Norm, Grandpa & Grandma Iverson, Tim they were visiting TX from IA

The Texas Rangers Norm and Tim in the front yard Mineral Wells TX

Norm, Tim, Grandma and Grandpa Iverson, Mom and Fifi
overlooking the Brazos river

Norm, Mom, Tim, and Fifi on the river

Tim and Norm sledding in Texas, note the nice sled and terrain

Tim and Fifi on the sled

Norm Great Grandma Iverson, Tim, Mom in Albert Lea MN


Mary Lou, Norm, Dad, Tim, & Kathy on the Gordon place,
dad is in his Southwest Aviation Uniform.

Dad and the boys with Apollo Six in Houston TX

Tim's birthday party on the back steps

Tim portrait

Mom and Dads first home purchase, on 11th St Mineral Wells TX

Grandma Kittleson, Norm, and Tim in Northwood IA

Tim, Grandma Iverson, Grant, Norm, and Steve. Grandma
had a big TV.


Dad, Tim, and Norm at the Grand Canyon

Norm, Tim, Mom, and Fifi at the Grand Canyon

Fifi, Dad, Norm, and Tim at the Grand Canyon

Norm carrying Tim across the Brazos river in TX

MN gang on a visit to TX

Camping at Possum Kingdom Lake, TX

Mom, Grandma Iverson, Tim, and Norm by the boat in
Possum Kingdom Lake, TX

The Burtness camp site for the  4th of July weekend  Possum Kingdom

The whole family on the boat at Possum Kingdom Lake TX
dad is holding fifi

Tim displaying mom's Peace Rose

Norm cooling off in the vent window, we didn't need seat
belts and car seats the amazing thing is we turned out ok.

Mom in her fancy square dancing dress, Tim headed to bed

Tim's Birthday party group he is the only one with a name tag

Tim's 5th Birthday Cake

Norm, Great Grandma Iverson, Tim, and Mom in Albert Lea MN

Tim and Norm on some snow off Grandma Iverson's Diveway

Dad, Norm, Great Grandma Gordon, Tim, Gordonsville MN