Hey just to let the world know we are carbon friendly this page was made entirely of recycled electrons.  We may be Norwegians but we are not barbarians. This page will develop over time as we have ideas and the time to work on it. This week we will be making lots of changes to the pictures.  The old saying of never let a computer know you are in a hurry is sure holding true here.  It is not a good time to teach myself HTML.  Check back often this week for changes don't forget to hit refresh on your browser if you don't see any changes there is a good chance there are changes.  I thought the bee spinning on the roulette wheel was pretty appropriate. That is how everyones life seems to be going just a blur.

My life is a "To Do" list and here is the one for this page

Post pictures and comments for 1990-1991, 2000-2004 and the 50th party in Albert Lea, Get a list serve going so we can send out stuff to the whole group with out much effort. Once it is all done we will probably throw it all away and start over with version 2 of Burtness dot net