Here are the pictures 1970 - 1979


Mom and the boys getting ready to catch some crabs on Padre Island TX

Mom and Dad in the surf at Padre Island TX

Norm Building a sand castle on Padre Island TX

Dad on a slalom at Possum Kingdom Lake TX.  Note the gear
the life belt hat, and sun glasses, I live on a lake with lots
of skiers and you just don't see that level style anymore.

Dad and a couple of Vietnamese students from the Army
Flight School at Ft Rucker TX

Norm and Mike on the saucer possum kingdom TX

Norm, Tim, Dad, and Fifi under the live oak in Savannah GA

Dad and Tim at a gun position Ft Pulaski FL.

Norm in his Cowboy hat yea partner we were Texans

Tim was a cow pie kickin' cowboy too

Grandma Kittleson, Tim, Great Grandma Gordon, Norm

Grandma Iverson's farm in northern IA with a fresh coat of frost

Grant, Tim, Chris, Norm, Steve, Mike, and Ginny at Grandma Iverson's for Christmas

Family Portrait in July


A visit with mom and dad's friends Earl on the right and
Uthal on the left Tim and Norm in the middle.

Tim, Norm and Dad at the MN State line just north of Northwood IA

Dad and a Bird Dog at the Northwood IA airport

Dad and Dale Lewis take on some paratroopers for a drop

Lambsie and Fifi want in the house.  We had
some different animals as kids.  Dad found
Lambsie along the highway lost.

Tim and Norm playing with Lambsie in the house. Not too
many kids get to have a pet lamb in the house.

Tim Feeding Lambsie in the back yard Mineral Wells TX

Tim feeding Lambsie at show and tell for school

Grandma Kittleson, Norm, and Tim with the boat in Mineral Wells TX

First day of School Tim headed to 1st grade,
Norm headed to Jr. High. 

Tim's Birthday

Dads new truck, Norm holding Salt, and Tim holding Fifi

Fifi and Salt try and relax

Chris, Norm, Tim, Steve, Grant, and Grandma Iverson

Norm, Grandma Kittleson, Mom, Tim and Dad in Northwood IA


Mom and her boys

Norm at the start line of a motorcycle race, I am on the
big yellow 50cc second from the left.

Norm feeds an injured owl we found and helped back to health

The new camper and our friend Jr. Butterfield

Grandma Kittleson, Tim, Norm, Grandma Iverson and Mom
in Mineral Wells TX

Fifi, Mom and Dad in Mineral Wells TX

Tim ready to do some fishin on Padre Island TX

Tim, Mom and Norm are ready to leave Mexico and get
back to the good old USA

Dad and a UH1 crew after an "emergency" landing on a
farm in northern Iowa

Dad flying over Iowa in a UH1

Camping at Wallace St park IA

The cousins at grandma Iverson's for Christmas


Norm the motorcycle daredevil. A cool helmet was all we
needed for safety gear then.

Olatha KS one of dads Chinooks from left to right Tim, Dad,
Norm, Mike Iverson, Ginny Iverson

Our home in Urbandale IA from 1973-1979


Norm and confirmation sponsors, left to right Grandma
Iverson, Grandma Kittleson, Marlys and Orin Prestegaard

Dad Hovering an OH58 Ft McCoy WI

Dad Flying a U3 over Ft McCoy WI

Tim the basket ball player


Dad learned the hard way skating has not changed much since the 50s and has a broken wrist to show for it.

Norm and some ribbons from a tack meet. That was back when you didn't get them for just showing up.

Skiing on Silver Lake IA


Norm in his Civil Air Patrol uniform

Norm and Tim play with Cousin Julie Kittleson in Ogden UT

Norm and Tim take part in a reenactment of the joining of the railroad from the east to west in UT. Norm is the 5th from the left and Tim is the 7th.

Grandma Iveson in the new speed boat on Silver Lake IA

Mike, Tim, Grandma Iverson, Norm, and Ginny

Family portrait


Tim, Mom, and Norm passing through Plains GA

Tim Diving at the hotel pool in Ozark AL

Norm Diving at the hotel pool in Ozark AL

Dad, Mom, and Norm Panama City Beach

Tim and Norm Panama City Beach FL

Tim, Dad, and Norm Panama City Beach

Tim and Norm behind the southern belles at Cypress Gardens FL

Tim and Norm at the Banyon Tree at Cypress Garden FL

Burtness family in Cypress Garden FL

Self portrait at Cypress Gardens, note the writing on Norm's shirt it says "soccer"

Dad and Norm watch the skiers at Cypress Gardens FL

The Burtness' at Disney World FL, riverboat in the background.

Tim, Mom, and Norm at Disney World Orlando FL

Norm and Tim at Sea World Orlando FL

Diver overboard for sponges, Tarpon Springs FL

Tim, Mom, and Norm on the sponge boat in Tarpon Springs FL.

Norm, Julie, Grandma Kittleson, and Tim in Northwood for Christmas.

Grandma Iverson and the cousins for Christmas in IA


Dad and Tim skiing in UT

Mom and Tim on a break from skiing

Norm, Mom and Martha cross country skiing

Tim, Glenn, Norm, Mom, and Dad skiing in UT

Mom on top of the world cross country skiing

Mom using her backside in a special Norwegian cross
country skiing technique to stop

Mom, Dad, Julie, Glenn, Tim, Martha, and Norm on a visit to Ogden UT.

Norm in the HS grad cap and gown

The family for HS graduation.

Norm and the Grandmas for the big High School graduation party

Norm and the confirmation sponsors for High School graduation.

Norm At the Des Moines IA airport headed off to Army basic training at Ft Leonard
Wood MO.

Tim riding his bike

Dad and his 350 Honda, we don't need no stinking
helmets my hair will protect me.

Tim and Dad after riding the bikes. Dad is thinking maybe
goggles would not be a bad thing

Tim Suited up in his bike gear

Picnic at Silver Lake IA, Glenn, Tim, Julie, Dad and Martha

Glenn skiing Silver Lake IA

Mom Water skiing on Silver Lake IA

Pvt Norman Burtness Army basic training graduation photo

Dad and Tim feeding the sea gulls on the coast of NC

Tim on the dock at Ocracoke Island NC

Mom's painting corner in Urbandale IA

Family Portrait in the living room in Urbandale IA


Tim riding bike at Tuttle Creek, KS

Tim's Confirmation Class. Danette Wichie, Shari Lesline
Tim, Pastor Schaedel

Grandma Iverson, Tim, Grandma Kittleson for Tims confirmation

Mom introduces Tim to his new little brother Dan

Cousin Julie Kittleson, with Dan and mom at Tuttle Creek Lake

Dan started different, this is how he crawled Sliding on his head.

Mom and Dan in their special T-Shirts.

Norm and Dan Playing the organ

Dan ready to hit the road with mom. Note the cool car
seat back then you just needed a pile of pillows.

Dan at six months.

Tim giving Dan bubble gum blowing lessons